Born to Enhance the Existing Beauty

WildRoseBeauty "WRB" is a beauty and lifestyle brand of WildRoseConnection "WRC" Naturals Canada Inc.
WRC has been distributing eyelash extension supplies and education from South Korea (where eyelash extension was invented) in Chiangmai helping local Thai women able to make income by filling the huge gap in the marketplace where a number of "digital nomad" foreign women struggled to find quality solutions for their eyelashes while staying in Thailand.

WRB was born when Rachel had to scratch her own itch during the first lockdown in 2020 when she couldn't refill her eyelashes. She was dreaded by the thought of going back to strip eyelashes because she really didn't like using lash glue as it was irritating, messy, and time consuming. She kept searching for a better solution and finally found the 2 in 1 lash adhesive eyeliner, which was the latest and the easiest eyelash application solution on the market. She kept searching until she found the one with the cleanest ingredients and compliant with Health Canada's regulations and decided to bring the solution to the marketplace, because it has been a lifesaver for her so it surely would be so helpful for others as well. With years of experience in the eyelash industry and the passion for finding the best way to feel beautiful every day, she founded WRB and WRB has been the home to the high quality fluffy eyelashes and the latest & the easiest lash application solution, Line2Lash liner pen.

WRB makes sure to communicate this message "Enhance Your Existing Beauty" everywhere, because we want to assure everyone who applies makeup and false eyelashes that we are already beautiful and wearing makeup and lashes is just a fun way to express ourselves. Makeup is an act of enhancing the existing beauty.
Hope everyone who comes across our brand will feel beautiful and loved.

WildRoseBeauty TEAM

Happy Customers

WRB Line2Lash is so easy to use even for a first time user like me and feels so comfortable. No irritation at all. I love Line2Lash pen so much!
Davneet Dhillon@davneetdhillon
With my WRB Lash Applicator, I can place the lash EXACTLY where it needs to be. The lashes are so beautiful and I love the packaging, too!
Haley Burgess@haleysbeautymess
Line2Lash holds the lashes so strongly, even the inner corners! I'm obsessed, love them so much, thank you!
Katie Horodyski@polishedchaosbrows
I'm so impressed by WRB lashes. Look at the perfect curl and the thin band! I'm obsessed with them. This is my new favourite lash ever!
Shannon Butterworth@shannnonrain
Check out their bomb lashes and Line2Lash liner. Thank you for the amazing products!
WRB lashes stay put so well it's insane!!!
Amber Rappe@artistrybyamber